Our seal of authenticity, the unique thumbprint of the wood artist that appears on each guitar, half on and half off the label, is steadily becoming synonymous with our instruments. Each guitar is handmade and unique in design and materials, and because each one reifies the carver’s technique and personal touch, it is equally special in its individuality.

We believe that Blueberry luthiers will become world-renowned as some the best acoustic instrument makers in the world, which is why we register each and every guitar. The seal coupled with a serial number shown on the soundhole label certifies that the guitar has been built to our exacting standards and is worthy of being called a Blueberry instrument. From the moment you complete the registration of your new instrument on our website upon receipt, it will be exclusively warranted against defects in workmanship and materials to you as the original owner – for life.

Seal of Authenticity - Blueberry Guitars